Working with Armida has been a true pleasure. We worked together as partners for over 3 years advancing the Discover Boating brand and digital experience. She brings a highly effective, data-driven approach to digital marketing. Armida is exceptionally thorough and results-oriented, and is a master of blending the art and science of solving customers’ needs and optimizing performance over time. And while she has built successful digital brands and consumer-facing experiences, she also excels at managing the back-end complexities, teams and technologies needed to make plans a reality. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Armida and if you’re looking to maximize your company’s marketing potential, I wholeheartedly recommend Armida’s expertise.

Meredith Engelen

Senior Brand Strategist at Olson

Armida and I worked together for 12+ years marketing boat and sport shows across the country. I appreciate the hundreds of hours of brainstorming and strategic planning that we spent together. Armida has incredible dedication to the development of the most targeted and effective media plans possible to achieve the ultimate goal.


Greg Bojko

CEO at AdStrategies, Inc.

I have known and worked with Armida Markarova for the past twelve years. Armida started by making NMMA and Discover Boating a leader in interactive marketing and completed her tenure at NMMA as a strategic marketing executive for our twenty boat shows and Discover Boating. She understands marketing in the 21st century, plans strategically, and has a comprehensive understanding of interactive/digital marketing and its role in an integrated marketing effort. An extremely effective and thoughtful communicator, she presents herself in an articulate and exceptionally well-reasoned manner. Armida is an effective team builder across departments and association functions and leads multi-functional teams bringing people together to work on projects in ways that amplifies the effectiveness of everyone involved and the association. Armida is highly respected by those who work for her and with her and NMMA members who have been fortunate to work with her. She brought a fresh approach to our boat show integrated marketing program which helped to increase attendance by 9% across twenty shows with customized, focused messaging for each show. Over the last 4 years, Armida spearheaded the national digital advertising campaign for Discover Boating. Today, the Discover Boating campaign refers 3.2 million visitors a year from a highly optimized to manufacturer websites. She understands how people move through the boating purchase funnel and how to use nurture marketing to motivate them to buy. With a seemingly endless capacity for learning and hard work, her direct, no-nonsense communication style leaves no one guessing what she is trying to communicate to them. She brings a high level of knowledge, teamwork, creativity and energy to any assignment. She is a consummate professional that people enjoy working with and who delivers great results. I recommend her as highly as I have recommended anyone.


Thom Dammrich

President of National Marine Manufacturers Association

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work closely with Armida for the past 12 years. Her dedication, loyalty, professionalism and amazing talent is complimented by her ambitious drive and willingness to do whatever is necessary to ensure a project’s success. Armida performs at the highest level, holding herself and her teammates accountable throughout the entire project. Her real talent is her ability to listen and hear what others may miss. Armida is one who will dig deeper than most, she is continuously educating herself and her team. She has the insight and creativity to draw parallels and see visions that others may not. Armida has made such a significant positive impact on me both professionally and personally with her infectious positive attitude and work ethic.


Jon Pritko

Vice President of Northeast Boat Shows at National Marine Manufacturers Association 

I’ve known Ms. Markarova for over ten years working with her on the marine industry's Discover Boating marketing campaign. She was instrumental in the success of this effort, which since 2010, has relied almost exclusively on digital marketing. Armida, you as much as anyone are directly responsible for the success we’ve enjoyed on the Discover Boating Campaign.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your dedication.  We’d have never been able to accomplish so much with so little without you.  


Joe Lewis 

General Manager at Mt. Dora Boating Center 

Ethical, intellectual, highly insightful and a pleasure to work for and with are a few words to describe Armida. She was always well organized, driven and had a measurable and achievable goals for any project that we worked on together. She is a leader by example and could always be counted on. She is a highly effective communicator who is willing to listen and is open to everyone’s ideas. The impact that she has had on the NMMA and the boating industry as a whole is ill-measurable by any standards. She is a valuable asset to any organization and I look forward to working with her again.


Christopher Kourtakis 

Chief Marketing Office at SpeedConnect 

Armida was NMMA's first digital marketing hire. She not only grew the department in size but reputation as one of the industry's best. Her strategic planning abilities allowed her to transition to a much larger marketing role during her tenure. Her thoughtful leadership style increased our productivity while nurturing many direct reports. She has a well rounded background in all things digital grounded in strategic planning. I was very sad to see her move on but happy for her as I know she will be very successful in her new venture.


Carl Blacklwell  

Chief Marketing Office at NMMA 

Armida is a very talented marketing executive and it's always a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with her. She is enthusiastic and dedicated to excellence in all her work. She continuously strives to be the best at what she does and always inspires her team to achieve their highest potential. Armida's ability to deftly and positively manage her team as individuals, while maintaining cohesive focus guiding the team to always deliver great results, is exemplary. She is an extraordinary and visionary leader.


Tracey Hart  

Director of Marketing at Discover Boating Canada 

Armida is a pleasure to work with, informed, insightful and collaborative. We worked closely together on many interactive initiatives for Discover and Armida brought superior interactive marketing strategic skills and great ideas and input at each phase of the project lifecycle. It was great to work in a partnership with such a thoughtful client and as a result, we produced several award-winning campaigns that brought increased traffic and visibility to the brand. I highly recommend Armida and would love to work with her again!


Jenny Huff Nichole 

Senior Project Manager at SapientRazerfish 

Armida has been my manager at the National Marine Manufacturers Association for the past seven years, up until her recent departure to strike out and form her own consultancy. In my years of working with Armida, there have been several leadership qualities that she possesses that really stand out. The first that comes to mind is her ability to inspire her team to be fully invested in the successful outcome of a project and to want to perform well, not only for her, but for themselves and for the team as a whole. Armida is able to use her diplomacy skills to break down interdepartmental silos – this quality allows her to work effectively with colleagues outside of her department, collaborating very well between other managers and their teams. She also has a unique ability to look below the surface and assess any situation or issue so that she can formulate a solution that will best serve the greater good of the company. In summary, Armida’s excellent problem-solving skills, her mentor-ship and coaching abilities, and her empathy for others, make her a manager I would never hesitate to work for again.

Kathy Stensby 

Senior Interactive Marketing Manager - Analytics   

I had the pleasure of working with Armida as my client for approximately four years during her time at NMMA. Armida is truly a multi-talented marketing professional. She's a digital expert, analytical, and detail oriented, but also highly strategic and a "big picture" thinker. Armida was a critical player when it came to evolving and pushing her organization forward, stretching far and beyond her role.

What I most appreciated about Armida was her thoughtfulness--she was collaborative with every discipline, took the time to think about challenges from every angle, and was never afraid to ask the tough questions so the team always left smarter and with bigger ambitions. And on top of it all, she's simply a delightful person. If a business is looking for someone who can tackle complex challenges and has a never-ending drive to create meaningful outcomes, I would highly recommend Armida!


Katie Meehan 

Engagement Strategist at Zeus Jones Ltd. 


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